About Us

Games Worth Buying is a game news and review site with the sole purpose of honestly informing the gaming community on what is and isn’t worth buying. Also, we sometimes post about matters we find to be very important and worth letting you know about.

Almost everything is covered on Games Worth Buying, from your 99c twin stick space shooters to popular AAA games with massive budgets at any point in their development as long as the developers and publishers have put a price on it. If they are making people pay for the games they obviously believe the games are worth the money – we’re here to find out for ourselves and share our experiences with you.
We mainly write about PC, due to the fact that with so many ports and exclusives it’s hard to keep up with them all. Sometimes we review Xbox and PlayStation games if we get the opportunity to, but mainly PC.
Please note that we are extremely honest. No sugar coating, no lies, all honesty. If we believe a game isn’t worth the money it is available for, we will tell everyone so that they can save their money for something actually worth purchasing. Usually, we will suggest alternatives and features that may make the game more enjoyable and generally more worthy of people’s money.
Also please note that we are sometimes given free copies of games by their developers/publishers, in exchange for a review on them (as buying games to review can be costly, especially with lots of reviews and only a couple of writers). This does not alter our opinions on said game in any way. As stated above, we’re extremely honest and will review games as though we have paid their full price.
Also also please note that any and all opinions in any of our posts are those of the post’s author, unless quoting another person or otherwise stated.
Something we really enjoy doing is writing about small games – ones that don’t get much exposure or those that just want feedback. If you have released a game and would like us to review it then shoot us an email at the address below.
Just a couple of quick things before you email us: we understand funding on Kickstarter is important, especially for getting enough money to finish developing a game, but if you don’t have proof that your game will be built to completion, it is likely that we won’t write about it. If possible, link us to a trailer or some gameplay footage and a prototype of the game that’s playable. The same goes for games on Steam Greenlight. Also, if your game is already released on a major platform like Steam, Xbox or PlayStation, a free key would make us reviewing the game more likely. Don’t try to bribe us with lots of keys in exchange for a positive review, though, because it won’t work. Or money, unless it’s a six digit number. Oh, and again, we’re very honest.
Here is our email address.

Games Worth Buying is proudly run by BugZy and JoKa.