ARK: Survival Evolved Gets Giant Hyenas And Toilets

And more dinosaurs.

I, personally, was quite baffled about the lack of indoor plumbing in ARK [official site]. I mean, we have rideable dinosaurs and futuristic power armour and guns, what’s wrong with a privy? Surely that should be one of the game’s top priorities, being as they’ve already gone through the process of creating the poo model and adding the functions to make your character expel it at random times. No? Okay, fine.

Well today, the game is finally receiving a patch that adds toilets! Hooray! There are many other things that are being introduced to the game as well, but they don’t nearly compare with the inclusion of latrines. We’d better brief over them as well, though, because an entire article about adding toilets to a game doesn’t seem very practical or mature.

A variety of new creatures have been brought to the game, to add more challenge and more companions. Hyaenodons are wild — but tamable — mammals which prefer to travel in packs of up to six, and will react to their prey depending on their pack size. If they think they’ll win, they’ll attack, whereas if they think they won’t, they’ll run away. The Hyaenodon can replenish health by eating dead copses.

The Hesperornis is a fish-eating bird, which tends to swim across the surface of rivers and lakes. They lay eggs if they eat enough, and occasionally lay a golden one which can assist in training creatures. They can be tamed by bringing them a fish that you’ve killed.

ARK Patch v258 2
You can usually find the Megalania crawling around the island’s cave systems. These mounts can grow up to three meters long and can climb walls and ceilings and mountains almost effortlessly. Should you get bitten by a Megalania, you’ll be infected with its poison, which will make you slowly lose health and strength over time until you die, but can be cured with ‘a rare antidote’.

Other creatures have been added as well, and even more non-creature additions also, such as a big new Primitive+ update, more achievements, new hairstyles and facial hair, a gas-powered motorboat and a harpoon gun, but I’ll let you check them out for yourself.

ARK: Survival Evolved is on sale from now until June 5th, at its lowest discounted price ever, just under US$10. You can get it on Steam here.

The update is scheduled to go live at 6am GMT today, and the full patch notes can be viewed here, with a bunch of extra information here.