Impact Winter Patch Fixes Broken Game Controls

Because before, it was just too uncontrollable.

As you may know if you’ve briefly visited Impact Winter’s barrage of negative reviews, it’s no secret that since the game’s launch on the 23rd, it has had a reputation for presenting almost unplayable controls. This included the strange and counter-intuitive key bindings, gamepad support uncertainty, the lack of mouse input in the menu screens and the fact that it was replaced with the letter ‘E’, and other similar issues. Almost all of the negative reviews (60% of all of the reviews) had this complaint in common, and many players went so far as to refund the game.

Well, lucky for the ones who didn’t, help is here! The game has received a patch which updates the controls to a less clunky scheme, and the game’s launcher has been removed from boot-up so that Steam can cover the gamepad support (but can now be turned on by pressing ‘ALT’ on load if necessary).

The update also changed some other bits that needed it, such as fixing collision glitches that would result in your character being stuck in one place, resolving issues in quest progression, fixing some localisation errors and improving some graphics.

And here are some additional notes they slipped into the announcement:

Mojo Bones and Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe teams are working around the clock to make sure we’ll stick to this plan.

Obviously, we’ll also continue to fix remaining bugs and improve different areas of the game as a long term support for this game. We’ll also continue to take into account your feedback at the best of our capacity.

Be assured that we’ll keep you posted about the content of patches regularly and about our updated plans.

We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to bring you a smooth Impact Winter experience as soon as possible.