The Culling Reaches Xbox One On June 2nd

Xaviant Games’ battle royale title will hit Xbox One’s Game Preview program next Friday.

Seventeen people in a brutal fight to the death, each’s goal to be the last player standing. Wait, is that something similar I hear? 2000’s Battle Royale? No, wait, it’s more like The Hunger Games. That’s it. The Culling is essentially The Hunger Games with no timely twists or plot changes to quench the rich people’s thirst for drama. Nope, it’s just you, up against sixteen others, brawling and shooting and lobbing explosives. One person survives.

The whole premise sounds like one big ‘screw you’ to the Declaration of Human Rights, and I have absolutely no idea how anything so absurdly barbaric could come to pass in the real world. Nevermind Human Rights, though, as I’m sure there are a few people we wish we could toss into one of those arenas to be savagely beaten to death with a pipe. No, I’m completely sane.

Anyway, the game is going to be launched at Xbox’s take of Steam’s Early Access program, and will be available to purchase, download and play on June 2nd.

Look at this, they’ve even gone through the trouble of making a new trailer just for the announcement!