Hello Neighbor Release Date Revealed

TinyBuild’s Hello Neighbor has now received an official release date.

The full game will become available to purchase on August 29, for PC and Xbox One.

In Hello Neighbor, you’ll find yourself sneaking around in your neighbor’s house, who seems to be hiding something very suspicious in his basement. Manage to get into the basement, and you’ll uncover all of his deep, dark secrets.

The game is based around an intuitive AI system, where anything you do is used against you. Say you go through a door and leave it open, your neighbor could remember that and put a bucket on top of the door. He’ll also set sneaky traps down, such as bear traps or security cameras, which will make a loud noise if you’re caught in them, alerting him to your presence. You can attempt to hide from him in places such as beds and wardrobes and risk being found, but if you hide in them too much he’ll search them a lot more often.

TinyBuild uploaded a video to their YouTube channel explaining how the neighbor’s AI works, which you can watch here.

Here’s the latest alpha build’s trailer:

You can currently download the game’s free pre-alpha demo from its website. If you decide you would like to actually buy the game (which will give you all alpha builds and the full game when it comes out), you can do so here for $25.