GTA Online ‘Gunrunning’ Update First Details

Get a load of this awesomeness!

We’ve had robberies and heists. We’ve had big businesses selling illegal goods and we’ve had motorcycle clubs running the streets. Now it’s time for gun trafficking to take over GTA Online‘s [official site] crime-riddled regions, and that’s coming in the form of a major update called Gunrunning.

The massive update will revolve around underground bunkers, a new property type which can be purchased from the Maze Bank Foreclosure site. Players will be able to store new military-grade equipment in them, such as the all-terrain-enduring APCs (which can also function in water). We can also expect missions from these underground headquarters, obviously involving gun trafficking. Hey, we might even get some new weapons!

GTA Online Gunrunning Update 2
Here’s a bit of information on the upcoming content from the Rockstar Newswire:

Dotted throughout Blaine County are hatches – look into these mysterious properties on the Maze Bank Foreclosure site and you’ll find sprawling underground headquarters for sale, ready to be stocked with new military grade vehicles and weapons manufacturing equipment capable of developing highly sought after offensive and defensive technologies. As the residents of Los Santos know, the only thing more fun than crime is profit and should you choose to invest in this new business, some extremely shady customers are ready to pay top dollar for what you can deliver.

The update is set to release sometime in June. It’s a bummer that we haven’t actually got a date, as I am what you could call a ‘schedule freak’ when it comes to planning ahead, but it’s still very exciting nonetheless.