Oxygen Not Included Now In Early Access

That’s right, Klei’s Oxygen Not Included is now available in Early Access on Steam.

The masterminds behind Mark of the Ninja, Shank, Shank 2, Don’t Starve, and a small collection of other games with cartoonish art styles and R-rated concepts that somehow end up in the hands of children have released their most recent creation to the Steam community to purchase and play at a solid-but-still-developing stage.

The space-colony simulator is said to be in Early Access well into 2018, as there is much more that Klei still wants to add before calling the game complete (not actually renaming the game to ‘Complete’, but deciding that it is no longer deemed in-development). Note that the game currently contains all of the core features and systems that it needs to be playable and enjoyable.

Klei have stated that they plan on working on lore in the future, so players can find out the entire backstory and ‘why the duplicants are trapped on a giant rock hurtling through space’. They have also noted that Steam Workshop support will be something they add for — or shortly after — release, so a whole bunch of new possibilities are opened up for the modding community to take advantage of.

The game is currently available to purchase for US$25, but that will most likely change on official release. Owners of any of Klei’s previous games get a 20% discount on Oxygen Not Included.