Vehicle Destruction Game ‘Danger Zone’ Coming In May

Explosions are commonplace when it comes to the Burnout developers.

Well, that isn’t exactly true. Three Fields Entertainment, which is run by a couple of former Criterion co-founders, first made a sports game called ‘Dangerous Golf’ where you shot a golf ball and tried to blow things up — yeah, actually, explosions are commonplace.

The company’s latest game is an explosive crash simulator called Danger Zone, where the player must survive a series of dangerous scenarios in a crash testing facility, whilst also collecting bonus pickups for an additional challenge.

Danger Zone 2
Here’s a segment from the game’s page on the Three Fields Entertainment website:

Powered by Unreal Engine, Danger Zone combines real physical crashes with explosive gameplay. Shunt vehicles into oncoming traffic, take down trailers to shed their payloads and use your explosive “SmashBreaker” to move your vehicle around. The more explosions you cause, the bigger your score.

If you’re feeling burnt out by congestion and jammed roads, take the highway to the Danger Zone. Take your revenge on rush hour traffic. This place is a paradise for those who like their driving flame-grilled.

Danger Zone will have a single player mode with twenty scenarios, and connected leaderboards so you can compare your scores with the rest of the population’s. The game is set to release in May, on PC (via Steam) and PS4.