50% Off N++ In Celebration Of Ultimate Edition Update

One of the biggest platformers ever has just become a whole lot bigger.

For a game that was already overwhelmingly large, N++ [official site] didn’t need a massive upgrade. Developer Metanet has been a most gracious host, though, and has (nearly) doubled the game’s size. Doubled.

The hand-crafted level count is now somewhere along the lines of 4,340. I was struggling with finishing the first 2,360, and now we have another 1,980 levels? Speedrunning this will take years, not to mention completionist coin collecting!

Along with the 4,340 new 2D works of art, the free update has brought 60 new colour schemes, a bunch of new ninja headbands and a challenging new mode called ‘Hardcore’, where ‘the clock is always ticking and every death counts’.

Metanet claimed to be on the fence about making the Ultimate Edition paid DLC or not, as it is practically a new game in size, but decided to settle with free because they ‘really wanted to encourage more people to try N++, and that this might be a great way to do it’.

As a cool bonus, the game is 50% off for the weekend, making it $7.49.

Feel free to read our original N++ review here (though this review was posted before the Ultimate Edition update).