Friday The 13th: The Game Gets Release Date

NOTE: not for the faint of heart.

The survival horror game, which is based on the Friday the 13th movie franchise, and whose Kickstarter page reached over $800,000 funded, will be released on May 26th as a digital title for PC, Xbox One and PS4, at a price of US$40.

Upon launch, players have access to a 1v7 multiplayer mode, where Jason Voorhees massacres a bunch of poor souls who wound up in his presence. There will be three maps to play on: Higgins Haven, Packanack Lodge and the infamous Camp Crystal Lake.

We have also been promised a single player mode later this year, which will come as a free update.

To show off the bulk of the killer’s ruthless — and completely awesome — executions, Gun Media has released this new trailer.

If you don’t think that looks absolutely badass, you have issues and should probably get your sanity checked.