Destiny 2 Has Been Officially Announced And We’re All Excited

Destiny 2 is coming.

It was no surprise that there would be a sequel to Bungie’s award-winning MMO first-person shooter, but for peace of mind we were all looking for an announcement. Well here it is, in the form of a picture posted on the @DestinyTheGame Twitter page.

As to be expected with any full game announcement, fans have already started pumping the fiery coals into the hype train (an unhealthy but usual occurrence which often results in disappointment). Here are a few of the replies, mainly in GIF form — because, you know, it’s much easier to express excitement through short videos of other seemingly excited people.

Obviously this isn’t the first news we’ve heard of a sequel to Destiny, as Activision promised a ‘full Destiny sequel in 2017’ over a month ago, but this is officially official. From Destiny’s official Twitter page. You can’t get more official than that.

It’s safe to presume that there will be more information released at E3 in June, but can we wait that long?