No Man’s Sky’s ‘Path Finder’ Update Now Live

The new update for No Man’s sky is live, bringing a variety of new features including cars, PS4 Pro support, improved textures and Steam Workshop support.

For a game that was utterly roasted on launch, it has come quite a way, with a handful of rather large updates. The Path Finder one was released today, adding and patching a heck of a lot of things.

For starters, there are cars — I mean, ‘Exocraft’ (pretty much cars). These fancy new vehicles help players traverse the surface of planets and carry items and resources around in one big sweep, as opposed to taking multiple trips back and forth. You’ll also be able to race them with other players’ best times by using base sharing, which utilises the Steam Workshop.

Hello Games has added PS4 Pro 4K support and optimised 4K more for PC, as well as making some major visual improvements and implementing higher settings for beefier computers (the difference is very, very large).

There is also more base building variety (which the original page says has ‘more than doubled’), as well as new traders, multi-tool classes, multi-tool and ship weapon modes, and permadeath mode. In addition, players can now own multiple ships at a time by storing them in their Freighter hangars.

Click here to view the full Path Finder changelog on the No Man’s Sky website.