Ghost Recon Wildlands Post-Launch Plans

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands [official site] is just around the corner (only four days off!) and Ubisoft has released some information on what we can expect after launch.

Getting straight into it with the first thing outlined on the list available on the Ghost Recon Wildlands blog — free game updates. Including and after the game’s day one patch, Ubisoft promises to keep updating the game and improve players’ experiences. That probably only means bug fixes and optimisation changes, but it’s good we’re guaranteed it.

Next is some information on the Ghost Recon Network and Ghost Recon HQ. Ghost Recon Network is the official community platform where you can access player statistics, create or join a Task Force for planning sessions and finding people to play with. Ghost Recon HQ is the official companion app, available on iOS and Android devices, which can be used as a second screen (to seamlessly use your TacMap, for instance), and will also let you have a go at ‘Guerrilla mode’, a minigame where you can obtain more resources for your character.

Let’s move onto the next thing detailed, Challenges! These are seasonal events that give players access to missions of a certain theme each season. The Challenges set users individual, co-op (with your Task Force) or community-based objectives, and if these objectives are completed then all participants can bask in the glory and riches of their victory (you’ll get rewards).

Players who participated in either or both of the Ghost Recon Wildlands betas and play the full game before March 31 will get access to the ‘Unidad Conspiracy’ add-on, a set of missions in which you must find and take down El Comandante, a Unidad captain. For those who haven’t played in the betas, you’ll be able to get this exclusive set of missions if you *cough* pre-order the game before it comes out on March 7, or purchase the *cough* Season Pass.

Now for the next thing — *cough* DLC. The first of the major paid DLC expansions is ‘Narco Road’, which contains a variety of new vehicles and a brand new mission line-up, where you’ll be tasked with infiltrating and taking down three smuggling gangs by killing their leaders. After you’ve taken out the gang leader mini-bosses, you’ll have to silence ‘El Invisible’. I’m not sure how you’ll be able to spot him, though!

Ghost Recon Wildlands Fallen Ghosts
The second paid expansion is ‘Fallen Ghosts’, another campaign where you’ve got to survive against the ruthless Los Extranjeros elite mercenary group after your chopper has been shot down. Don’t worry, there will also be new weapons and skills to assist you and your crew; you’re not completely doomed.

Should you purchase the Season Pass, you’ll be granted access to both currently revealed paid expansions one week prior to everyone else.

Last on the current list of Ghost Recon Wildlands’ future plans is a PvP mode! Players will be able to face off against other four-member squads in exciting class-based combat. Not much information has been provided about this mode, but Ubisoft has stated that it will be available as a free update to everyone.

While I don’t believe it’s respectable to have revealed DLC before the game’s launch (already encouraging people to buy the Season Pass without them having played the full game), I’m glad Ubisoft has outlined their other plans for Ghost Recon Wildlands prior to release.

For Ubisoft’s full, official announcement, click here.