Neat Hot Wheels Cars Reaching Rocket League As DLC

Rocket League [official site] will be landing some sweet new rides — Hot Wheels rides.

Do you remember showing off your brand new super aerodynamic racecar that you got for your birthday two days ago, then proceeding to compete them against your friend’s record-breaking monster truck that he got for his birthday half a year ago? If so, you know what real competition feels like. Hearts racing, looks of eagerness and faith in your badass automobiles. It was the most intense eight seconds of your life up to that moment.

You put your cars down and get ready to pull the switch that sets them down the slope. He tries to put his on a bit further down to give it that one-millimeter head start, but you catch him out and move his car back. You know yours is going to win, there’s no way that thing will be faster! He starts counting down: ‘Three… two… one… zero… negative one… negative two… negative three… GO!’ and sets the cars off.

His monster truck is definitely faster down the slope, but yours will soon catch up. Now comes the loop-de-loop; you’ll definitely get ahead here! No? What sort of car did you buy, a bloody Fiat? This can’t be happening. There’s still time, though. Now comes the twist ‘n turn, you’re in with a chance. Nope? Why me?! He has won. This is it. There’s no stopping him. Aaaand he passes the finish line. He does a mocking victory dance just to add salt to the wound. What a jerk.

Anyway, in a post on the Rocket League website, Psyonix have announced that the car football game will be graced with the presence of some nifty Hot Wheels machines, just to give players that nostalgic competitive rush again (if they used to play with Hot Wheels cars throughout their childhood in the first place, otherwise they’re just cool cars).

The $2 DLC includes the ‘Bone Shaker’ and the ‘Twin Mill III’ and will arrive at Rocket League on February 21, along with their own exclusive decals and wheels. When the pack drops, a topper and an antenna will also be added to the game for all players to obtain as a random post-match item drop, whether they own the DLC or not.