Ubisoft Has Revealed Rainbow Six: Siege’s First Year Two Operator

That’s right, just a few days after Rainbow Six: Siege‘s [official site] new map based in Ibiza was previewed, a new operator arriving in Operation Velvet Shell has been teased — the Jackal.

As we can deduce from the video above, the new Spanish G.E.O. operator, Ryad Ramírez Al-Hassar, seems to have the ability to see player footprints and use it to track them down. That’s all the information Ubisoft has given at the moment. Will it be an attacker or a defender? How long until the footprints wear off and you’re safe? Will the ability be similar to IQ’s in that you’ll be able to use it at any time, or will it have to charge up before use? Can it only be used a limited number of times? Will teammate footprints be shown as well, and if so, will they be distinguishable from enemy footprints? These are questions that will — hopefully — be answered in the full reveal in Six Invitational, which will start on the 3rd of February.

What we do know is that you won’t want to have this guy on the enemy team. This tracker vision will definitely shake the game up and give it a whole new level of look-where-you’re-walking. I will be taking even more precautions than I already am, and if you have a team you’ll need to make sure you’re watching each other’s backs.

We’ll have to wait for the Six Invitational streams to find out more information on the Jackal and the other additions in Operation Velvet Shell.