Upcoming ARK ‘Tek Tier’ Update Implements Robots And Lasers

The new ARK: Survival Evolved [official site] patch, Tek Tier, will bring a bunch of futuristic technology, including power armour, night vision, sheep and more!

A little while back the update was announced, but now with more details and an official release date for the PC – January 30. The content to be included in the update revolves mainly around sci-fi tech, like lasers, but there will also be some not-so-sci-fi stuff as well. GameSpot claims it is going to be the ‘biggest patch ever’.

One of the most fascinating features in the Tek Tier update is the introduction of power armour sets, which can make you an unstoppable superhuman. These pieces of armour give you super-abilities, such as running very fast with the Tek Pants, using the Tek Helmet to identify players and creatures (possibly also giving night vision), Tek Gauntlets which let you punch things extremely hard, Tek Boots and their no-fall-damage insurance, etc.

ARK Tek Tier Update 2
A player using Tek Vision and the Tek Rifle.

There is also a Tek Rifle that shoots lasers and has a scope, jetpacks that allow you to fly through the air like Iron Man, and a lance for dino jousting. If that wasn’t enough to convince you just what a great update this will be, there are also shearable sheep. Sheep you can shear, I say! Talking about shearing, and just to top it all off, you’ll have the ability to change your hair style, including facial hair.

Power armour sets can be crafted using Element dropped by bosses, and will assist in killing more bosses. There are now three boss difficulties and they will drop new items. Obviously, much of this new and exciting stuff will be more end-game, for when you are all-powerful.

You’d better start preparing, soon there’ll be guys running around with lasers and jetpacks; better beat them to it!