Subnautica’s New Update Adds Lava, Luggage Bags And Bins

It also gives you coffee!

The free patch for Subnautica [official site], ‘Castles & Coffee’, was distributed to owners of the game on Steam on the 26th of this month, and it included a bunch of cool new content.

Here’s the list of main additions, many also listed on the official announcement:

Precursor lava castle – hard to penetrate, but well worth it in the long run. Watch out for guard spiders!

Coffee machines – you can’t live a good life without coffee; a feature that has been needed right from the start.

Ion power – batteries that last a long time, a more reliable source of power. If this update hasn’t added spontaneous combustion, that is.

Gravsphere – when you’re underwater, the laws of physics don’t apply. Draw things in with this ball of suction.

Luggage bags – for when you’re in need of storage and your pockets just aren’t enough.

Working trash cans – where does the stuff go after you throw it away? Why, the magical bin fairy comes and takes it, of course!

Air bladder – a device that drags you quickly up to the surface when in deep-sea danger.

Time skipping – if you’re afraid of the dark or your screen brightness is too low, just sleep in your bed and you’ll wake up to the sun shining and the whales singing. Or whatever that horrid noise is.

Vending machines – because sometimes you get a bit peckish.

Ping management – a long-awaited addition, you can now edit your pings’ colours!

Some of the new features are clearly so important that it’s a wonder the game survived without them, such as coffee machines and rubbish bins. The new Precursor lava castle base is cool, too, and I’m sure the ability to sleep will come in handy as well, but they have nothing on the coffee machines.

Castles & Coffee’s video announcement: