‘Professional’ Difficulty Being Added To Hitman

Just in case the game wasn’t already hard enough or you are worryingly good at killing people undetected, Square Enix have announced that they are introducing a new difficulty level: Professional!

The new difficulty, said to arrive in a free update on the 31st of this month, will make the game substantially more immersive and realistic. The details actually came in an image posted on the original Hitman website announcement, but here they are for those of you who enjoy organised lists:

• Security cameras can spot illegal activity and guards will be dispatched to investigate

• Each location has been tweaked and altered

• Seperate leaderboards with a Professional modifier

• Unique unlockable rewards

• Guards are more thorough when searching

• Professional Challenges and Mastery

• Suspicious/illegal items according to current disguise

• Increased number of security cameras (in logical places)

• Only one manual save allowed

• Auto-saves are disabled

• Clean kills are required to take a disguise

• Increased guard search radius

• NPCs are more perceptive to footsteps, especially when running

• Increased guard alertness

• Fewer disguise pick-ups

• Slower health regeneration

Looking back, maybe it’s not more realistic. Nobody is so good at their job that they care to make a fuss because they walked past a bald man in a gown running around with a knife. Or the guy behind the security cameras who needs to keep an eye on whoever’s doing illegal things; my bet is that he wouldn’t be paying enough attention to the chef planting a bomb. In fact, he’d probably be asleep. Unrealistic expectations.

On an even less realistic note, you are allowed ‘only one manual save’. Only one? One is too many! Make it none, that’ll teach ’em! Sneakily murdering people isn’t that easy!

Even if this still wasn’t bad enough, think about playing on Professional whilst using Hitman Roulette to decide what to wear, who to kill and how to kill them – absolutely barbaric!