For Honor Closed Beta Starting January 26

The closed beta for the much hyped medieval multiplayer fighting game For Honor [official site] has a date, and that date is only just over two weeks away.

Running from January 26 through January 29, the game’s closed beta will feature the three factions – Knights, Vikings and Samurai (which you’ll need to choose between before starting to play), a bunch of rewards and a lot of stabbing, clashing and beating. Ubisoft has also put together a special event throughout the four days called “War of the Factions”, which will give you “a taste of the overarching conflict between the three warring groups” – essentially a teaser for the massive cross-platform faction wars that the full game will hold.

All matches will be tracked during War of the Factions, for every platform, and players will get rewards for contributing to their faction’s efforts. Players in the triumphant faction will also receive bonus loot, and players that participate in the closed beta will receive even more rewards. That’s a lot of stuff! If you’re wondering whether all your hard work will end up being for nothing, though, don’t worry, because all of the rewards will carry over to the full game when it’s released on the 14th of February.

You can sign up for a chance to participate in For Honor’s closed beta here.

  • RoyalFlush

    I’ve played this game . It’s not bad but I don’t know about this game future . Fight mechanics is good ( depends on hero ) . Whenever you slash with your weapon , your stamina decreases so you slash slowly or can’t use your other skills. All hero has different abilities. Some is faster , some is slower but heavy defense. Map ideas is classic : Capture the Area. 4v4 , 1v1 , 2v2 battles. 4v4 is Capturing Area , 2v2 is arena, 1v1 is duel. Capturing area is fun because you can raid 1 point with your friends and rip all the enemy. Captured areas also heals your character . 2 v 2 arenas is the place you can be gladiator. You and your friend starts fighthing in different zone . It’s up to you if you want to help your friend or kill your opponent. 1 v 1 is typical duel.