Is ‘Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ Worth Buying? ($60)

Infinite Warfare [official site], as you most likely already know, is another Call of Duty game that is set in the future. Based in space, your goal is to kill people, kill more people, watch some cutscenes, kill some robots, and guess what? Kill a few more people. Welcome to Call of Duty!

I’d like to state before starting the review that my opinion of a game is generally driven by the game itself. Not the game before it, not the game that might come out the next year, the game itself. I can’t completely disregard the fact that this is the fifth official game of the Call of Duty franchise in five years that is set in the future though (if you don’t count Modern Warfare 3). That might not seem massive, but gamers need a break. Battlefield has won many gamers over with its World War I game, which many believe seems way more interesting than yet another futuristic war game. But hey, that’s none of my business.

So, we have this game. A game that has been taken so far from previous CoD hype that its launch sales were down by almost 50% of the previous Call of Duty’s. That is mainly because the game takes place in the future, with jetpacks and robots and whatnot, and many people nowadays want boots-on-the-ground. Annually, fans go to their local game store (or online game platform) to buy the newest Call of Duty game, and this year, they’ve been let down.

This is all thanks to Activision’s completely atrocious idea of having a three-year period for each of Call of Duty’s developers to build their game for the franchise. Each of the dev teams are building a game that, three years ago, seemed like a great idea, because that’s what the community wanted back then. Now they all have to attempt to anticipate what the gamers will want in three years, which is unquestionably difficult.

I’ll admit that Infinite Warfare is doubtlessly better than it was portrayed to be before it came out. Is it worth buying? Absolutely not. I’ll tell you that in pure honesty, because although the game isn’t as bad as lots of people had thought it would be, it’s just not worth $60. Here’s why.

Infinite Warfare 2

Infinite Warfare’s campaign is another one where there is an evil dictator that many claim is a great leader, and you have to stop him. Classic CoD – I don’t see that as a bad thing, many games that aren’t all “sunshine and flowers” have some terrible antagonist. As usual, there are many limits in the campaign. Don’t go here, don’t touch this, kill those guys or they’ll kill you, once you’ve killed them you have to go over to your team who are next to a door so you can breach it. Then you blow up the door and go in, in slow motion, mind, shooting guys before they shoot you. The game basically holds your hand throughout the whole thing, and you have to let it. You just do what it says and you’ll be fine, or else you can’t progress. It’s so easy a toddler could do it.

Infinite Warfare 3
Campaign space battles!

The parts where you are piloting a ship around space looked extremely exciting for me. What a disappointment they were, though, because that’s just the same. You fly around, shooting people, whilst being confined to the small area the battle takes place in. It’s not even hard, though, because guess what? You can lock onto enemy ships. “Just press and hold the right mouse button to lock on,” what a total joke! I want to fly around in massive space battles, I don’t want to be given a ship and get told to lock onto enemies! Is there an enemy missile coming toward you? Don’t worry, a big icon on the screen will tell you to press “Q” to release some flares! And just to add salt to the already burning wound is the fact that crashing into things doesn’t do anything! As I said, a toddler could finish the game with no trouble. Just do what it says and no harm will come to you.

Then, when you are meant to land, just go through a ring and it’ll automatically land for you. “What a great idea, let’s make an epic-looking spaceship fight scene and tease the controls to people, but not let them actually play it freely. In fact, let’s play it for them! They can fly around a small area for a few minutes, locking onto bad guys and blowing other spaceships up, then make them press a button to get a special weapon, then make them fly back and go into a ring and then we’ll land for them. Bloody brilliant idea!”

The actual boot-to-ground fighting is the best part of the game, but even then, that has been ruined by jetpacks. You can hack an enemy robot and make it shoot its allies, then self-destruct, which is actually pretty fun and gives a bit more of a strategic feel to the game than the classic run-and-gun combat that the CoD games are known for, but then thirty seconds later you’re flying around a building with a jetpack. If I wanted jetpacks and wall-running, I would have played Titanfall 2, which actually makes them work.

Infinite Warfare 4
Killing people, the usual Call of Duty business.

The multiplayer is riddled with hackers. I say that, not assuming they are cheating because they have crazy kill/death ratios, but knowing that they are cheating by watching the killcams (I don’t accuse without making sure I’m 100% correct). We need an anti-cheat system that works because I’m getting mighty sick of joining a lobby and being annihilated by some guy who has snapped his aim onto my head before I am even visible. I did come across this person with a great solution though:

Infinite Warfare Hacker Solution

Jokes aside, it’s an issue, because I’m not enjoying this multiplayer hack-fest.

When I do manage to get into a decent game that isn’t dominated by somebody who doesn’t care whether he gets banned or not because he “bought it for Modern Warfare Remastered anyway,” I then get bombarded by everyone who has x-ray vision and uses their tactical item to show where their enemies are. It is complete and utter nonsense. It isn’t competitive, it’s all about who has used that item in their current life and who hasn’t. If you have used your items, you can’t use them again until after you die, which then means you either need lightning fast reflexes or to just hope and pray that the other guy has bad connection.

I don’t want to see my opponents through walls, I want to have a reflex standoff with them when we bump into each other going around a corner.

I have trouble finding matches (mind, I’m in Australia, so I’m bound to have problems like that). The very few games that I do play are on Team Deathmatch; I haven’t been able to play any of the other interesting gamemodes like Frontline or Infected. I can’t figure out whether this is the fault of the community for not playing it or for Infinity Ward and Activision for not making a game that the community sees as worth playing.

Infinite Warfare 5
One of the Warfighter’s Payloads, the “Claw” (not to be confused with Jim Carrey’s weapon in Liar Liar).

“Rigs” have replaced Black Ops III’s Specialists because Infinity Ward doesn’t want to seem like they’re completely ripping off ideas. These Rigs are certain types of classes, which have their own “Payloads” and “Traits”. The Payload is basically the class’s main ability (think Specialist abilities), and the Trait is just an extra, passive ability (although they don’t all seem beneficial).

The create-a-class system is similar to the one Treyarch has delivered, with ten class slots and a bunch of weapons, attachments and perks that make you wish you had more slots so that you can build a Swiss Army gun. These aren’t the only ideas of Treyarch’s that Infinity Ward has been inspired by (or rather, copied); they’ve also made their first Zombies mode – more information a bit further down.

One quick thing before we move onto Zombies, Infinite Warfare sports the “Quartermaster” (which is almost exactly like the Black Market in Black Ops III and Advanced Warfare), where you can craft prototype weapons with “Salvage” and buy “Supply Drops”, which drop items and weapon camouflages based on their rarity with “Keys” that you obtain in-game. You can also buy things with real money as well, though. Just let that sink in. They want MORE money! They’re lucky to be getting $60, but they want MORE? I should really pull a Jeremy Kyle and just have a lay down in the middle of writing this. In fact, I’ll have a lay down after I’ve finished this review.

Infinite Warfare 6

Infinity Ward’s take on the classic “Zombies” mode, originally brought to the Call of Duty franchise by Treyarch, tries to redeem the game. “Zombies in Spaceland”, its ’80s-themed map (which is the only playable one at the moment), brings a new feel to the traditional Zombies atmosphere. It’s good fun, especially with friends, but is it enough to make up for the many issues the game has? No. While I’ve enjoyed dropping waves of the afro-bearing undead corpses wearing brightly-coloured outfits, it’s just not enough.

I’m not going to lie, I tend to avoid Call of Duty’s Zombies scene, because I’m just not good at it. When I do play, however, I’m never disappointed, and that hasn’t changed with Infinite Warfare. It’s pretty good, but then you need to buy the “Season Pass” to get more maps in the future. Rip-off!

The last thing I’m going to complain about, which might not seem very important to some, but is a disappointment of monumental proportions to others, is that Infinite Warfare for the PC doesn’t support split-screen. I often play with my friends and when they come over, we can’t play Infinite Warfare on the same screen, but instead, they must buy the game themselves (which they have insisted on not doing until it’s on sale at a very low price).

Oh wait, I lied, one more thing that you have probably already heard – Modern Warfare Remastered can only be played if you bought it with Infinite Warfare! Whoever came up with that idea quite obviously doesn’t care about the Call of Duty fanbase. It might work for Activision and Infinity Ward’s greedy profit, but I guarantee they’ve lost sales to this; serves them right! Bloody ridiculous.

There are good points and bad points, but mostly bad points. I’ve absolutely loved Infinity Ward’s past installments for the franchise, from the first one in 2003 to Modern Warfare 3 in 2011, but just like Ghosts, this one was a giant letdown. I am not recommending it until it goes down to less than half price (hopefully on Steam’s holiday sale).

👎 Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is NOT worth the US$60 it is available for.

  • BulletMagnetEd

    Thanks for a great heads-up. Steam is selling this game for 50% off, and many of the reviews say it isn’t worth the space it takes up on your hard drive. This review clinched it for me. 😀