Ten Halloweenie New Levels Added To Clustertruck

To celebrate the spooky holiday, Landfall have introduced some new pumpkin-filled levels to their parkour truck jumper, Clustertruck [official site].

In the timely update, a new ‘Halloween’ world, featuring the ten levels, was added to the game. I’ve played through them already, which only took around ten minutes. It’s pretty short but it’s a cool addition nonetheless.

I had hoped for a scary skeleton or pumpkin boss level at the end of the Halloween world, similar to that at the end of the game, but instead, we got a pumpkin with a banner displaying the words ‘Happy Halloween!’

Make it happen for Christmas, Landfall, or else!

As well as that, Clustertruck has gone on Steam’s ‘Halloween Sale’ and is now available at 20% off for $12, with the Collector’s Edition up for $14.86. The game’s official soundtrack is also at 20% off, now $4.

Happy Halloween!