Insult Your Way To Victory In Oh… Sir!

Oh… Sir! [Steam Store page] brings insults and slander to a whole new British level.

Coming up with insults is second nature; it’s an automatic function that the human mind can’t resist. We just can’t hold ourselves back from insulting people. Oh… Sir! harnesses that and concentrates it on hurting random people’s feelings in a brilliant little $2 game.

Worth every penny.

It’s a wonderful feeling, winning an argument that is so feeble-minded that a three-year-old could outwit both competitors at the same time in. There’s nothing quite like telling people ‘your mother doesn’t like your cousin’s car and was born in your favourite Bond actor and smells like homeless man’s socks’, and you can do exactly that in this funny insult trading simulator.

Oh... Sir! 2
He really is.

In the game, you must concoct the master insult in turn-based phrase-picking. You choose one word or phrase, then your opponent chooses one, then you choose another, then your opponent chooses another, etc. This goes on until you’ve used enough turns to tell the other player that their father works with the Hell’s Grannies Gang and dances like a parrot, and they blurt out that your hovercraft has worse hair than your house. After a few exchanged insults, you find out that you might not really be worth this first class train seat that you’ve been bickering about after all.

If you use the same subject two insults in a row, you get a ‘combo’ which deals a bunch more damage to your foe’s pride. In the end, you want to make them lose all their pride and give up because you’re too tough to let words hurt you.

Each character that you can choose from before entering a verbal abuse-fest has their own weakness, such as the old lady getting most offended when you speak about age or death, and the stylish gentleman becoming upset over you insulting his style. They also have their own phrases, such as the Russian character muttering in Russian and Morgan Freeman going on about ‘puny mortals’.

Each insult you throw at the other person is exclaimed by your character, who has an extremely exaggerated voice and accent. It’s funny, especially when you’re letting someone know that you know that their ‘math teacher has more hair than a red-arsed baboon’.

Oh... Sir! 3

Almost all of the time you’re trying to get to the ‘and’ before your opponent so you can string together more words and phrases, make your insult longer, dealing more damage to your enemy’s pride, but this can sometimes be hard, especially when the other person is starting.

Although the insults are funny, I find that the game doesn’t have enough; most of the games I am in consist of similar statements and it gets very repetitive, and using the exact same things over and over again it just gets plain boring. It’s still fun to play with friends who haven’t played it before, but I would really like new, original arguments.

You can practice against the CPU to test and hone your insult-dealing skills, try to offend a random person online, or compete against your friends on the same system or over the Internet.

Though it could use more insults, for $2 I reckon it’s a bargain and I’m having a blast annoying people in it.