Dead By Daylight Halloween-Based DLC Released

So there’s some new DLC for Dead by Daylight [official site] featuring Michael Myers and it’s absolutely awesome.

When he’s not staring, scaring and otherwise impaling people with sharp and blunt objects, John Carpenter’s mask-bearing character is playing video games – or rather, being played in video games. His latest appearance is in Dead by Daylight, a brutal multiplayer horror where one person, the killer, must catch and sacrifice four other people, the survivors. It’s gory and lots of fun.

Anyway, the new DLC, ‘The HALLOWEEN Chapter’, is available to purchase on Steam for US$7.

The pack not only adds The Shape, it also brings Halloween’s Laurie Strode and a cool new map style based around Haddonfield in the Halloween movies.

The creepy new killer comes with a new power and three perks helping you play with and eviscerate your prey. With Laurie Strode also comes three new perks, helping you slip from the killer’s grasp and have a greater chance at escape. It’s all explained in this detailed video from the Dead by Daylight channel:

Happy killing!