Have You Played Unturned?

Have you ever wondered what would happen if zombies and radiation took over the world?

Well, according to Unturned [official site], the world would then be full of young squeaky-voiced children who are going to ‘blast ya head off with ma Grizzly m8’. It’s quite alright, though, because with a loaded magazine in your gun and the hold of a button, you can shut them up pretty quickly.

In Unturned, your goal is to survive in a zombie apocalypse by any means necessary, even if that includes shooting your best friend to steal his bag of crisps that is already 48 weeks out of date and almost completely full of mold and bacteria. Your friend won’t be happy and you’ll most likely die from all of the diseases those crisps now contain, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Unturned 2
Gun them down!

Zombies are a massive problem, as they are in most games based around the zombie apocalypse, because if you get bitten enough by them and your infection bar – or whatever it’s called – gets to less than 50% you get infected with the zombie virus and will slowly keep losing more of the infection bar until it fully depletes and you start losing your health. Food and drink also takes away some of your infection bar depending on the quality of it, so eating ham sandwiches that were left on a muddy camp ground for a few months probably isn’t the best idea.

Online players are another big problem – I have been killed by people pretending to help me more times than I can count (14 times). It is a dangerous world out there and in all honesty, I’ve lost most of my faith in the Unturned community. Make friends with a naked green guy who has an afro made out of grass? Nope, he’ll kill you!

Unturned 3
This fella’ was one of the few who didn’t kill me as soon as they saw me.

The inventory in Unturned uses the ‘fit the stuff in where you can’ system. Some of the items take up one by one spaces in your inventory, some two by one, some two by two, some three by two, etc., so you just have to basically ‘fit them in where you can’. There will be a lot of inventory sorting, so prepare yourself.

There are also skills and crafting, where you spend skill points on whatever buffs you desire from a large range (that you lose on death), and where you use your gathered material like wood, metal and items you find laying around to craft other items and repair your tools and weapons.

Eventually after playing for long enough and having gathered enough items to call yourself Bear Grylls, you’ll want to build a base. There are a few materials that you can build with and you can build almost any type of base you want with the numerous pieces you can use (I built a sky hexagon). Beware though, because people can destroy your base just as easily as you built it. You can protect your base from opposing players building up to it with ‘claim flags’, which deny people access to place any pieces within a certain radius of the flag, but they can still destroy the pieces. Better hide your stuff!

Unturned 1
A nice view of a river with a lighthouse on the other side. If you look hard enough, you can see that someone has built a base on the side of the lighthouse.

There are a number of different maps to choose from (including Russia, Washington and the community’s many custom made maps). These maps have a series of locations where you can find all different kinds of loot, such as military bases, prisons, small towns with gas stations, restaurants, tool shops, emergency services buildings with the corresponding weapons, items and driveable but slippery vehicles, and much more.

Unturned has full Steam Workshop integration which allows users to design and publish their own game modifications such as maps, vehicles, items and item skins. I haven’t gotten bored of discovering the community’s many creations yet, so I’m happy.

I have spent around 56 hours playing this awesome game so far and only regret 23 of them due to people raiding my base and killing me on sight, claiming they want to ‘do a deal’ with me – the rest was absolutely great fun.

In the end it’s a great solo, cooperative and/or competitive game, depending on your play style. It’s free too, so I believe everyone who enjoys other games of the survival genre should give it a go.

  • Unturned is free and worth giving a try if you are considering your self a gamer.
    GWB, you ever host an unturned server with amazon? Heard that is possible, but a bit complicated.