Upcoming GTA 5 Online ‘Bikers’ Update Details

Sons of Anarchy fans – like me – will be glad to hear that Grand Theft Auto 5 Online‘s upcoming update, ‘Bikers’ is all about outlaw motorcycle clubs!

The update will give players the ability to set up and participate in seedy businesses ventures with up to seven other people, climbing through the ranks from recent Prospects to Presidents in their very own MC organisations.

GTA 5 Online 'Bikers' 2

Along with the addition of biker gangs, the free update will include new weapons, clothing and styles, tattoos, brand new game modes and of course, bikes. Clubs can also get their very own properties such as MC Clubhouses to set up their shady schemes and a new bike mechanic to repair and pimp their rides.

There is currently no release date for the upcoming DLC besides ‘soon’, which is not nearly good enough – we want it now!

UPDATE: The release date has been announced for the fourth of October, better get ready!

  • On the 4th of October. Only 3 days left!

    • JoKa

      Just updated it, thanks for letting me know! 😀

  • KINGksp

    Im waiting for that update

    • JoKa

      Me too, it looks awesome. 🙂